Monday, January 19, 2015

GRACIANO Illustrations.


 I recently found out about this fashion illustrator. Before you criticise them for being too simple or saying that "you've seen way more original ones", I'd like to say that the reason I loved these is due to how clean and commercially suitable they are. I specifically like the flowiness that reflects each brand's design aesthetic without giving too much away. Enjoy! :)


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hair Up Do

IMG_5152 Bad hair days..we all get them. When your hair just won't stay the way you want it to. On top of that, mid January rain befriends the wind and off they go messing your hair even more. Solution? An easy updo that won't get tangled in your scarf and would look very feminine with an off-shoulder sweater. The neoprene trousers are by J.Crew and they keep you warm - surprisingly. And by the way, hair up do's are the ultimate way to show off your favourite earrings :) Enjoy, dolls! IMG_5123 copyIMG_5111IMG_5105IMG_5145IMG_5151IMG_5121IMG_5150

Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Practical Height.


I'm not a big fan of kitten heels. Although some women might argue that it's more feminine than just wearing flats, plus gives you some height. I'm not that tall myself and but would rather high heels - usually around 12 cms. But as you can imagine they can get really uncomfortable if you wartime for a long period of time. I recently purchased these beautiful pair of Jimmy Choo Mallow strap heels and their heel height is perfect for women who love wearing heels and are fairly good at it yet don't wanna put up with the pain at the end of the day. They're around 10cm and look sharp, give you that catwalk and are practical for everyday heel wearers.


Here are some similar choices for you for different occasions:

Strappy leather pumps in nude (For casual wear)

  GIANVITO ROSSI Strappy leather pumpsGIANVITO ROSSI Strappy leather pumpse \

Crystal-embellised suede pumps (For evening wear)

  RENÉ CAOVILLA Crystal-embellished suede pumpsRENÉ CAOVILLA Crystal-embellished suede pumpseeRENÉ CAOVILLA Crystal-embellished suede pumpsew

Mercury suede-trimmed patent-leather pumps (For pop of colour)

  BRIAN ATWOOD Mercury suede-trimmed patent-leather pumpsBRIAN ATWOOD Mercury suede-trimmed patent-leather pumps32BRIAN ATWOOD Mercury suede-trimmed patent-leather pumpserr